A Busy Fall for Korea-U.S. Trade

It was surely a busy fall for Ambassador Cho. On October 2, he held the National Day and Armed Forces Day Reception at the Residence, where he remarked that 2018 is the 65th anniversary of the ROK-US Alliance and that the alliance today is stronger than ever before. He also said that based on such deep confidence in the alliance, the Korean peninsula is closer than ever to a complete denuclearization and permanent peace. Various aspects of Korean culture were featured at the reception such as traditional food and beverages and booths to make Korean lanterns and to try on Hanbok, the Korean costume. The reception welcomed and served more than 1,500 guests, including U.S. Government officials, foreign diplomats, Korean-Americans as well as Korean War veterans.

Following this, in November, Ambassador Cho received the 2018 Distinguished Diplomatic Service Award from the World Affairs Council of Washington, DC on behalf of the ROK and his fellow diplomats. In his acceptance speech, he noted that the award further encouraged Korea to continue to work with its partners and counterparts, including the United States, towards peace and prosperity in the Korean peninsula and beyond.

Later in the month, Ambassador Cho invited guests from the Atlantic Council to his residence where they spoke about various issues around the globe, including what is going on in and around the Korean Peninsula. Fred Kempe, President/CEO of Atlantic Council, said that experts at the think tank strive to be not just scholars but also entrepreneurs who “make things happen” and seek to contribute to further strengthening ROK-US bilateral relations and to making progress in the historic diplomatic efforts towards denuclearization and peace on the peninsula.

As we close out 2018, we look forward to all of the exciting events in the coming year that will continue to grow and nurture the relationship between the United States and Korea.