A Summer Focused on Korea-U.S. Trade

It was a bustling summer for Ambassador Cho. In July, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea hosted a meeting with the economic officers across the U.S. Various economic issues were discussed, including recent economic trends and outlook, trade policy trends and plans to address recent changes in trade and commercial policy actions as well as plans to support Korean businesses and measures to support job creation. At the special session on protectionist trade policy measures with industry representatives, recent 232 measures and trends including the trade tension between U.S. and China were discussed and plans to jointly address trade issues were examined.

This took place at a critical time to address circumstances associated with the rapid changes taking place in US trade policy, served as an occasion to closely monitor trends, support Korean business communities and strengthen joint cooperation between the Embassy, Consulate General Offices and industry representatives in Washington D.C.

In August, Ambassador Cho visited Camp Blanding in Florida with Congressman Ted Yoho, the Chairman of the Asia and the Pacific Subcommittee of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and attended an award ceremony for Korean War veterans. He met with 30 or so war veterans and placed medals around their necks with his sincere respect and appreciation, and he also told them that Korea will never forget the sacrifices of Korean War veterans.

In September, the Korean Embassy together with the East-West Center (EWC) in Washington launched the new “Korea Matters for America and America Matters for Korea” series. This launch was celebrated by remarks from Economic Minister Jang, Young-jin from the Korean Embassy followed by a panel who discussed many issues including business and trade relations along with the KORUS FTA.