Company Profile

4C Global Logistics LLC is an international supply chain company that specializes in helping their business partners find success in the global marketplace. 4C has expertise in identifying quality products across various industries, streamlining supply chains so that their partners have consistent access to those products, and serving as a resource for solutions in navigating the global marketplace. Currently, the company has experienced significant growth trading their main product of hops. After partnering with Crosby Hop Farm, LLC, which has cultivated quality beer hops in the Pacific Northwest over five generations, 4C distributes the hops to Korea. 4C has also fostered a relationship with other partners in the industry such as Gusmer Enterprises and White Labs, transforming them into one of the largest microbrewery suppliers in Asia.


4C began exporting to Korea in 2013 as craft beer became increasingly popular among young people and many Western craft brewers recognized the potential of the market. Today, 95 percent of 4C’s customers are in Korea and total exports to the market is valued at $30,000. The company also works to foster relationships with key customers including Magpie Brewing, a local craft beer company in Seoul.


Leadership at 4C see Korea as a largely untapped market with incredible potential. Through 4C’s office in Seoul, the company is invested in marketing, building relationships and partnerships, and increasing sales in the country. The company also credits the Korea- U.S. Free Trade Agreement with their ability to increase profitability and status in the industry. Under the free trade agreement, the 30 percent tariff on hops and the 8 percent tariff on yeast were both eliminated over five years, making the market friendlier for craft brewers. Laws in Korea simultaneously changed to support the growth of breweries, including an adjustment of taxes and licensing in the industry.

Lesson Learned

For 4C, working with their Korean partners has been key to the company’s success. 4C advises that any business looking to enter the market and establish a presence with customers make the effort to find the right partner. The company also values the power of relationships and developing trust because that is what leads to business success in Korea. Through extensive work in Korea, 4C has also learned that understanding the culture and the customs of the country to be extremely beneficial.

“Without the Korean market and the KORUS FTA, our business would not be as viable as it is today. The Korean market is open and full of trustworthy and willing partners that we continue to value.” – Corey Nelson, Founder and CEO