How Nam June Paik's “Electronic Superhighway” comments on digital communication today:

"#SouthKorea’s chief #economic policy-maker has announced plans to advance the Korean film industry with strategies that include creating a fund for small and mid-sized production companies"

#KoreanHistoryToday: South Koreans launch a petition campaign to seek membership in the United Nations in 1956. UN membership would be finally extended to South Korea in 1991.

#SouthKorea's recent investment in innovation is a direct product of its fiscal discipline over recent years, an approach that should be a model for other nations. Learn more on our blog:

Wow! BTS accounts for $4.65 billion of #SouthKorea's #GDP. Other surprising facts about the band:

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Want the U.S.-Korea trade facts and figures on your state? Click on the map to the right to get information on exports, imports, industries, beneficiaries, successes, opportunities, and local news and events.

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History of US Korea Connect

The U.S. and Korea have maintained a long and mutually beneficial relationship built on respect and trust.  The U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement furthers this strong relationship by encouraging the free flow of products and services between the United States and Korea.  The following is a timeline of the development and implementation of the FTA.

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts

In 2015, Korea was the United States’ 6th largest trading partner, while the United States was Korea’s 2nd largest.

Top Imports

Top Imports

  1. Communications equipment
  2. Motor vehicles
  3. Motor vehicle parts

Top Exports

Top Exports

  1. Semiconductors and components
  2. Aerospace products
  3. Chemicals

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