The Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency has conducted over 30K teleconsulting sessions to connect businesses with foreign buyers, resulting in $72 million in deals! The full story:

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Last week, the Korean Ministry of Environment released a plan to reduce the ratio of coal-fired power generation to zero and increase the ratio of #renewableenergy-based power generation to 80% by 2050. Learn more about the effort:

Two #SouthKorean universities are working together to develop the next generation of batteries for #electricvehicles. Learn more:

In a statement following Biden’s election, President Moon said, “We will gather forces as an alliance on the shared values of democracy, peace, human rights, international solidarity and multilateral cooperation.”

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History of US Korea Connect

The U.S. and Korea have maintained a long and mutually beneficial relationship built on respect and trust.  The U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement furthers this strong relationship by encouraging the free flow of products and services between the United States and Korea.  The following is a timeline of the development and implementation of the FTA.

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts

In 2015, Korea was the United States’ 6th largest trading partner, while the United States was Korea’s 2nd largest.

Top Imports

Top Imports

  1. Communications equipment
  2. Motor vehicles
  3. Motor vehicle parts

Top Exports

Top Exports

  1. Semiconductors and components
  2. Aerospace products
  3. Chemicals

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