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Worldwide Protective Products

Worldwide Protective Products

Orchard Park, New York

Profile: In 2004, Worldwide Protective Products developed as a partnership between Manzella Knitting and Worldwide Glove and Supply. With more than 350 employees and three facilities in New York, North Carolina and Massachusetts, Worldwide Protective manufactures gloves for industrial, manufacturing, food processing, military and law enforcement purposes, among others.

Imports: Since the mid-2000s, Worldwide Protective has partnered with Korean suppliers for production of its flat dip gloves (gloves that have polymer coatings such as rubber on the palms). Worldwide Protective sends knitted gloves to its Korean suppliers, who dip the gloves in polymer before sending the finished product back to Worldwide Protective for sale. More recently, Worldwide Protective has begun directly purchasing products from Korea, some of which are KORUS beneficiary items.

Growth: Worldwide Protective and its Korean suppliers see significant opportunities under the KORUS FTA. The free trade agreement eliminates tariffs and expedites the customs process, allowing Worldwide Protective to continue its business in Korea more efficiently than ever. The tariff on Worldwide’s knitted gloves was eliminated completely in both directions since the implementation of the FTA. Prior to the implementation of the FTA, Worldwide produced only 253,190 pairs of this style glove. In 2015, the company produced approximately 342,468 pairs – and increased about 35% in volume of sales. In addition, the gloves Worldwide directly purchases from Korea had a 13.2% tariff, which has also been eliminated as a result of the FTA.

Importance of the Korean Market: According to Worldwide Protective, Korean suppliers develop a higher quality product than other partners the company has worked with. As a result, Worldwide Protective has built a reputation for having premium quality products.  The company focuses a great deal on its supply chain management of Korean made gloves and safety products so it can continuously provide top notch products to its customers.

Doing Business in Korea: Worldwide Protective has been impressed by the English-speaking abilities of its Korean business partners. The ability to communicate clearly – and often without the need for interpreters – gives Worldwide Protective more confidence as it conducts business internationally.

Advice: Worldwide Protective recommends that companies considering doing business in Korea visit the country and meet with prospective partners. In addition to providing an opportunity to meet and get to know partners in person, the company says visiting Korea is an enlightening experience.

“We see tremendous opportunity in Korea, and we like the people we deal with there. They are very honest and stand behind their work.”

~Matthew Piotrowski, Research & Development Manager, Worldwide Protective Products

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National Benefits

Main Exports
Semiconductors and components, Aerospace products, Chemicals

Main Imports
Communications equipment, Motor vehicles, Motor vehicle parts

Interesting Fact
In 2015, Korea was the United States’ 6th largest trading partner, while the United States was Korea’s 2nd largest.


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