Revving Up for a New Year without Auto Tariffs

Hyundai Motor America has long valued our experience working with and learning from our parent company in Korea. As with any international business relationship, we must work hard to incorporate both parties’ background and viewpoints in order to succeed. In my eight years working with the company, I believe we have excelled at this critical intercultural communication.

My travels have instilled in me a tremendous respect for the Koreans’ business discipline and tenacity. Because global travel is difficult to incorporate regularly, we established a coordinated structure where every Korean executive has a Korean counterpart in the United States. This system is extremely beneficial as it allows us to effectively communicate complex issues across two languages, while also fostering close relationships with our Korean colleagues, an important factor in sustaining successful long-term business relationships.… Read More

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The Past, Present and Future of Korea-Minnesota Trade

UntitledAs a Country Director for the Minnesota Trade Office’s (MTO) Korea Office, I actively promote the export of Minnesota products and services to Korea. The U.S. – Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA) reduced tariffs on some of Minnesota’s top exports, particularly on beef, pork and medical devices, which were reduced by 40, 25 and 8 percent respectively. As a result, Korea was the seventh-largest buyer of Minnesota products last year, spending $714 million on medical devices, precision machinery, plastics and agricultural products such as beef, pork, and grains.

I also work to generate Korean investment in Minnesota. In fact, this year a Korean potato seed company made a substantial investment in Minnesota and began operations in Plymouth with plans to expand in the near future.… Read More

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Living High on the Hog through Free Trade Agreements

pigU.S. free trade agreements (FTAs) have led to meteoric growth for U.S. pork exports over the last twenty five years.  In fact, the U.S. pork industry now exports more product to its twenty FTA partners than it does to the rest of the world combined.  The Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA) is a perfect example of the potential export growth being realized as a result of an FTA.

The KORUS FTA entered into force March 15, 2012, further solidifying a strong bilateral economic relationship.  Under the FTA’s agricultural provisions, Korea immediately granted duty-free status to almost two-thirds of current U.S.… Read More

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Maryland and Korea – Partners in Success

hogan postThe state of Maryland has a long and successful history with international partnerships. Global firms doing business in our state and export activity by Maryland companies are two driving forces of Maryland’s economy. And just as in any successful business collaboration, the best partners share similar visions, build on each other’s strengths, and are in it together for the long haul. Korea is such a partner for Maryland, and strengthening this important relationship is a priority of this administration.

Since January, our administration has engaged with Korea, as well as Maryland’s thriving Korean-American community, on as broad a basis as any previous Maryland governor.… Read More

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Finding the Seoul in American Music

392px-Madame_Freedom_posterSince the implementation of the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA), there has been an increase in the trade of physical goods as well as cultural and intellectual goods. U.S. companies like Rondo Music and Wenger Corporation are enjoying increased sales in Korea and are meeting with their Korean partners more frequently. Also, the influence of Hallyu on U.S. music is readily apparent with collaborations between PSY and Snoop Dogg, JYJ and Kanye West, and many more. The KORUS FTA has opened the doors to Korean culture, and U.S. musicians are integrating Korean instruments and sounds to broaden their horizons.

One of my first interactions with Korean culture was re-scoring the influential 1956 Korean film, Madame Freedom.… Read More

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