Alaska and Korea: Partners in Prosperity


Earlier this month, I hosted Korean Ambassador Ahn Ho-Young in Alaska to celebrate the enduring economic and military history our great state shares with Asia’s fourth largest economy. Together, we honored the sacrifice of nearly two million American soldiers who served in the Korean War more than six decades ago.

The subsequent years have seen Korea rise from a nation of dire economic uncertainty to one of global economic leadership. They have brought Korea and the United States closer in a partnership that is stronger today than ever.

Alaska plays an important role in the strong U.S.-Korea bilateral relationship. For Korean businesses, the proximity and accessibility of Alaska has made our state an attractive entry point for the U.S.… Read More

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Bridging the Gap: U.S. Food Exports and the Korean Market

Korea and the United States maintain a robust trade in food products with more than $5.1 billion worth of U.S. agricultural product exports to Korea in 2013 alone.  As one of the world’s leading food-producing areas, the United States is realizing the benefits of the U.S. Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA) through increased trade in high quality processed food and agricultural products.

At Food Export-Midwest and Food Export-Northeast, our top priority is promoting the export of high quality, value-added, processed U.S. food and agricultural products. Through a variety of programs for current and aspiring exporters, we work closely with local and federal agencies to facilitate trade between Midwestern and Northeastern food suppliers and importers in countries around the world.… Read More

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Ask the Experts: Five Tips for Success When Doing Business in Korea

Launching a business in a foreign country can be confusing and a little scary for many business owners. I founded the Atlanta Pacific Group to help businesses in the metro Atlanta area and foreign businesses in Asia and Latin America build reciprocal relationships. The KORUS FTA has made doing business with Korea easier than ever and we’re happy to help companies understand the unique nature of doing business in, and with, Korea. Here are my top 5 tips for doing business in Korea:

1. Understand the Culture

Travel to the Asia Pacific region is now common for many Americans. Most business travelers have a basic understanding of Asian culture; however, much of this knowledge is based on experiences in either China or Japan.… Read More

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Ask the Experts: U.S. Korea Connect Sits Down for an Interview with Trade Expert Sang Ah Koh

lawyer-sang-ah-koh-photo-1062091In anticipation of the upcoming second anniversary of the implementation of the U.S. Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA), U.S. Korea Connect sat down this week with legal expert and consultant Sang Ah Koh for a question and answer session. Ms. Koh talked to us about her role, what lessons she’s learned working with companies trading under the KORUS FTA since its implementation, and what she thinks companies should be paying attention to in the next year and beyond. Below is an excerpt from our interview. For the full transcript, click here.

USKC: Are there best practices when calling a Korean partner company?… Read More

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The KORUS FTA and the Debate Over Trade Promotion Authority

KEI_LOGO-OABelow is an excerpt from “The KORUS FTA and the Debate Over Trade Promotion Authority” by Troy Stangarone, originally published February 10, 2014 on the Korea Economic Institute’s blog The Peninsula. For the full article, please follow the above link.

In the ongoing debate over granting President Barack Obama Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), previously known as Fast Track, three Democratic members of Congress pointed to increased merchandise trade deficits with Korea after the implementation of the KORUS FTA as a reason to oppose a new grant of TPA. However, while the merchandise trade deficit with Korea has grown over the last year, this is an incomplete picture of both KORUS and the importance of a new grant of TPA.… Read More

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