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The Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA) has been a win-win deal for Korea and the U.S. alike, generating mutually beneficial outcomes such as expanded bilateral trade, improved market access, investment growth, and job creation through its faithful implementation by both countries. The following organizations have written in support of the KORUS FTA:


Bi-Partisan Group of 19 Members of U.S. Congress

Letter to President Trump in Support of the KORUS FTA

September 21, 2017


Congressional Research Service "In Focus"

U.S. - South Korea Free Trade Agreement

September 15, 2017


National Pork Producers Council

Submission by the National Pork Producers Council In Response to Response to Executive Order 13796 Regarding Trade Agreement Violations and Abuses

July 31, 2017


Embassy of the Republic of Korea

Written Comment in Response to the Executive Order Regarding Trade Agreement Violations and Abuses

July 31, 2017


Korea International Trade Association

Submission of Comments Administration’s Reviews and Report to the President on Trade Agreement Violations and Abuses Docket ID: USTR-2017-0010

July 28, 2017

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Recent Success Story

La Tapatia Tortilleria

La Tapatia Tortilleria
Through the years, La Tapatia has remained true to its roots, producing quality corn and flour tortillas and tortilla chips. In their quest to expand and reach new markets, La Tapatia has added a health line of their staple tortillas that includes gluten free, organic, whole wheat and low-carbohydrate options. Their primary brand, “Sol De Oro,” or “Golden Sun,” now claims over a dozen products and in 2012, La Tapatia Tortilleria was inducted into the Tortilla Industry Association Hall of Fame.

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